Grey Dwarfs Hollow

Grådværgenes_GruberGrey Dwarfs are not very pleasant company. They are not evil as such, but just very much concerned about themselves and their own wealth, and not so much about others.

It is said that they are excellent smiths and now old runes, and are able to create marvelous magical artifacts. But their price is always hefty; something along the line of your first born child.

This one of their mines, where they have tunneled in search of metals and precious stones. The rooms was once used to live in, and perhaps some kind of rudimentary workshop was part of the mine.’

The natural mine was simply used a dumping area for stones and dross from the mine, and today might be the home of some kind of water dwelling monster. The dwarfs no longer use the mines themselves, but perhaps some mining kobolds have taken over? The mines could also prove to be a handy hideout for criminals or something more monstrous.

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