The Mad Kings Cellars


Den_Gale_Konges_KaelderkammerTime, and perhaps a huge dragon, have destroyed the buildings above ground.

However, the dark cellars of the Mad King are ripe for an adventurous dungeon picnic.
Another of this summer’s dungeon-maps are

The Mad Kings Cellars (Danish; Den Gale Konges Kældre). I tried to give the basement a very labyrinthine feel with lots of small rooms used for storage and the more nefarious acts of the ancient past; and the cellars is most likely populated by all sorts of tormented souls and undead. And off course the echoes of a thousand screams.

For an adventure in these haunted halls, I envision something very nightmarish, with lingering spells causing all sorts of insanity and disorientation. The large room in the middle might originally have been a huge torture chamber, where the king and his court could walk around the raised edges, and look down while poor souls was led to insanity and eternal damnation.

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