The White Palace

Another dungeon map for roleplaying. This time it is The White Palace (Danish: Det Hvide Palads).

It is a big palace that might have been the home of royalty – or perhaps more likely some kind of rich roman plantation owner/governor type.

The small sketch shows the palace with the roof intact, but I do not imagine the palace is in such a pristine condition.

For a game, I always imagine that the heroes would have to search the building, and found it with the help of some old map. However, upon arrival it is clear that it will not be a simple ruin search, since the palace has become some kind of local market place where different groups of outlaws, and in a fantasy setting all sorts of humanoids, meet to trade their ill-gotten gains. Unsavory types use some of the rooms as a home; others are shops, or used for drinking and gambling. At least a few rooms is used as stables.

The palace still shows signs of old grandeur with mosaic wall paintings, parts of statues and white marble floors.


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