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Grimdarshal is a stronghold/temple on top of a mountain – or at least a very tall hill. It is a most evil place (Grimmdar being and Old Norse word for cruel/cruelty). Possible the home of some order of evil monks. The buildings are partly build into the rock side, connected by stairs. For an adventure I envision the heroes making a night-time assault in foul weather – either a thunderstorm or a frosty night.The largest building is mainly a temple; […]


  Braugshill (Danish: Braugshøj) is the home of Braug, a renowned hill dwarf. This map was mostly me experimenting on making a dungeon in different levels, where each level has its own color.

The Mad Kings Cellars

  Time, and perhaps a huge dragon, have destroyed the buildings above ground. However, the dark cellars of the Mad King are ripe for an adventurous dungeon picnic. Another of this summer’s dungeon-maps are The Mad Kings Cellars (Danish; Den Gale Konges Kældre). I tried to give the basement a very labyrinthine feel with lots of small rooms used for storage and the more nefarious acts of the ancient past; and the cellars is most likely populated by all sorts […]

The White Palace

Another dungeon map for roleplaying. This time it is The White Palace (Danish: Det Hvide Palads). It is a big palace that might have been the home of royalty – or perhaps more likely some kind of rich roman plantation owner/governor type. The small sketch shows the palace with the roof intact, but I do not imagine the palace is in such a pristine condition. For a game, I always imagine that the heroes would have to search the building, […]