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Savage Team Evil

With Savage Worlds stats for both The Order of the Stick and The Linear Guild it seemed like a good idea to make some stats for Team Evil.

Savage Linear Guild

It was fun to make Savage Worlds stats for The Order of the Stick. So I have made some more stats for  The Linear Guild – a the rival organization of the Order of the Stick, specifically designed to be the Order’s evil counterpart. The Guild was assembled by Nale when he was hired by Xykon to kill the Order of the Stick.

Savage Order of the Stick

I thought it would be fun to stat up “The Order of the Stick” for Savage Worlds so they would be the first characters added to my new Savage Gallery, where I plan to add all sorts of characters. I have been a huge fan of Rich Burlews online comic about this band of heroes for at great many years – and will happily give him my best recommendations. If you are not familiar with “The Order of Stick” please visit […]